Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life of Rape, Moleste and Harrash

I feel pretty weird doing this. I usually just read other people's stories, and it makes me feel better knowing other people are going through some of the same things I am. I don't really know where to start, but I assume it makes sense to start at the beginning. P.S. Sorry for spelling mistakes/wrong words, I'm typing on my iPhone. I'm sorry it's so long...

I feel like I live in a cycle of abuse and rape, and it will never stop. I'm a "rape baby". My mom was scared to marry my father. She didn't want to marry him, but she didn't want to let down the people that were already at the wedding. So she married him. After they were married, he raped her, I assume multiple times. Because of this, I was born. My dad abused and neglected me. He threw me across the room at one point when I was a baby, I hit the couch. He wouldn't buy proper food for me. All he'd buy was coke or pepsi, white rice and chicken. He'd force me to eat my rice with ketchup on it. He refused to buy fruit or veggies, milk or juice. If my mom wanted to go to the store, she had to give my dad oral sex before she could go. When I was 2 years old, my mom decided enough, and decided she was going to move out. She picked a random day to move out, and told no one except her parents and brother. But somehow my dad found out. He grabbed a knife, and she ran into the laundry room. He stabbed her in the throat, and left her on the floor to die. He put the knife in her hand to make it look like suicide. But he put it in the wrong hand. He shut the laundry room door so she couldn't open it to call 911. He went upstairs and wrote a suicide note. Then he changed, put the clothes in a platic bag, and went to work. He forgot to throw away the bag and the police found the bloody clothes when they searched his car. My dad and his dad molested me. I don't remember it, but I think my brain does deep down. When I was around 8, my friends brother would tell me to sit on his lap, and he'd rub my bum. I don't know if anything else happened.

When I was 13 I got my first boyfriend, who was also 13. I had know this boy for about 10 years. We were never friends for most of that time, but I knew of him. 6 months after we started dating, we had sex. He did ask, but I didn't really give permission, though I said yes. We were laying on his bed watching his little brother and best friend play a video game. I was laying on my stomach, and he laying ontop of me. He quietly asked if I wanted to have sex. I said "yea", but I didn't really want to and I didnt think he meant right then and there. His friend and little brother were in the room! But yup he did mean right then and there. He pulled down my pants a little bit and had anal sex with me. This was my first time. Thank god no one noticed what he was, we were, doing. I said yes because I didn't think he'd do it right there, I didn't want it... That relationship lasted for almost 4 years. We had sex a lot, which I regret. And though I wanted to sometimes, I didn't always want to. If I said no, he'd keep asking until I said yes or he'd just pull down my pants and do it anyways. If I said stop he wouldn't. If I said it hurt, he'd say just hold on till he finished. Even if I cried, he wouldn't stop. He would touch me in my sleep, which eventually led to having sex with me while I was sleeping. We went on a Easter break trip with a church to California. We were on a bus, which drove straight through the night. While I was sleeping on the bus he had sex with me. We were on a bus with 60 other sleeping people! From church at that! He cheated on me with two girls, one of them right infront of me. He only wanted to see me to have sex, he'd constantly ditch me. After we'd have sex, sometimes he'd say thank you. After we'd have sex, he wouldn't even acknowledge me. He'd either go to the fridge, play video games, call his friends over or tell me to go home. Yet, I stayed with him through all of this until I finally broke up with him nearly 4 years later. I didn't even think of it being rape until months after we broke up and a friend of mine said it was rape. He never used a condom, and I never got pregnant, I don't know why.

Gang rape at 16

I am 23 tears old,blond hair blue eyes. 5' tall 100 lb. My first encounter with black men was when I was 16. I went to my high school football game at a visiting school. I was one of the cheer leaders for our team. I lived in Virginia at the time and we were playing in Petersburg which is mostly an all black school. While they normally have a great team we beat them pretty bad this time which did not make them happy. We didn't help with the comments we were making regarding there abilities. Well, after the game we went to the locker rooms to freashen up and somehow I got lost in the unfamiliar school. My friends all thought I was with another car and left before

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Mom Being Raped By Gangsters

As u knew that My family consists of only me and my mom PRATIMA. and u also my mom is 39 now but still very good looking with fantastic body which can allure any man however . Her gorgeous figure is around 37 28 38.
And her butt is the sexiest asset she has. It is so soft and round and jiggles with her every move. She had nice round belly with lot of flesh in it and had deep round navel. And her boobs are bit sagging due to her age but are so big and round and
so soft . She normally wears sarees(traditional dress of the Indian woman) and her sexy navel is open in most of the time.even in school also.
My mom had no one except me .Our relatives kept a fair distance from us

This story goes back to year 2009, then we lived at .our town is also known for its vulberability for communal tensions between Hindu & Muslims.
I still remember it was cold evening of December. It was about 6:00 Pm and I & mom were in Neemaganj market buying some house-hold goods. The market was located im muslim majority area To our surprise suddenly there were screams all over the place and people started running .
A person standing beside us cried : " Bagho danga ho gaya" ( Run ! the communal riot has broken out). The shopkeepers to close their shops soon the place was almost desolate.started

Unable to run away quickly and appalled by the conditions we ran into a narrow lane that was closed at one end.
On finding it ,we were to run back towards the open end but then we saw three persons with caps on thier heads
coming towards us . They had swords and katta(locally made pistol) in theiw hand. They surged towards us and get hold of us.They understood that we were hindus as mom was wearing conventional hindu outfits . Two of them raised their hands
to slain us but before their hands could have come down a man who seemed to be thier boss stopped them form killing us.

His name was Mazid. He ordered them to take us to with them.They blindfolded us and soon we were inside a old building. It was the dismal palce with low roof and four rooms .It seemed it was centre of some illicit activity.
There was a small enclosed courtyard in it. The house was fairly lit but a foul smell pervaded it- the smell of tarra (indian rum)
was fairly lit but a foul smell pervaded it. Our blindfolds were removed and two of them were ordered to leave by Mazid. After sometime a fiat(old styled Indian car) stopped at the gate and a man came out of it.The person came appeared to be rich person as they were wearing stylish clothes. Mazid complimented him .
We soon learnt that the name of the new rascal was Qureshi and was owner of this palce. This man Qureshi was strongly built man and was heavily drunk at that time.He seemed to be a local gangster