Saturday, January 11, 2014

Group Rape

My breath is like razor blades ripping in and out of my ragged sore throat. I am too winded to cry out for help anymore, as I run tiredly stumbling along the dirty slick bricks of the New York alley.   My nails drip my attackers blood as I flee around yet another corner!

Pulse is racing madly as my heart thuds against my ribs feeling like it is going to explode?!  My eyes widen in fear as I hear them still racing after me...they yell and call obscene things to me as they follow after me.  I race around another corner and skid to a sudden stop a loud cry of despair bursting from me, as I sink exhausted to my knees!

TRAPPED!!!  A fucking........DEAD END!!   Three damn walls and no doors/no windows nothing but my end...NO More running only my fate at their hands now to come!  I bow my head and start to prey as I was taught by the Nuns.  My chest raises and falls as my fear grows with them closing quickly on me, tears flow down my cheeks as they chuckle and taunt me now, my body shivers and shakes in fits as the first angry man yanks me up by my long brown hair!
 He curses loudly and pushes my face hard into the dirty wall, I scream in pain and taste my own blood as my nose breaks against the bricks.  Stunned and dizzy I cant resist as he turns me to face him, weeping I see the long scratches that i put on his face.  I see his lips moving but cant hear anything right now!

Hot wife Rape

What can I say, my marriage was coming to an end.  My wife of ten years and I have been at each others throat for some time.  She has had fantasies of fucking other men, while I have had fantasies of other men raping my beautiful wife.  We both know of each others fantasies, and for the longest time we acted each others fantasies out.  I had always wanted to have anal sex with my wife, but she considered this disgusting, and refused me this special moment. Thing started to get out of hand with our sexual fantasy, and we both became mad at each other.  This was part of the reason I think things started going bad.  It has been a month since we last slept together, which lead me to believe she had been getting fucked by another man.

Today is her birthday, and traditionally we go out to dinner, and then to a bar.  I always planned for her birthday, and she always planned for mine.  We had decided to go ahead with the plans, even though we were talking divorce.  It was m job to plan where we were eating, and then which bar we would visit.  I was planning on fucking my wife tonight, so I knew I would need to get her drunk.
She was getting ready, and I just watched her undress in the bathroom. I am obsessed with her panties, and watching her take her pretty white panties off that she had worn last night got me hard.  I admired her beautiful tanned body, her hairless pussy, and her tight little ass.  She has sexy natural titts, size 34b, GOD I wanted her so bad.  I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck the shit out of her.  She got into the shower and the water was running, I had already showered and was ready for the evening.  I walked into the bathroom, and grabbed her dirty white panties, I smelled them and the aroma was strong.  Her pussy smells so good, I just wanted to beat off in those panties, but I figured they might come in handy later on that evening. I placed them into my pants pocket.

She got out of the shower, and I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around her, grabbing both tits, and rubbing my dick up against her ass.  I have always done this to her, and normally this was returned with a little love of her own.  But not since our fighting, and tonight was no different.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Forest Rape

I wanted to find a good spot in any forest. Far enough from any roads or civilization where a rape can occur without being interfered by ” hero’s” . I found many State Parks whose trail offer many places where I can rape someone in peace, the problem was that I had to wait for my prey. Most of the time the never came, or for some reason an attempted rape was not feasible.
Finally, on a warm spring day the conditions for a rape was becoming good. I walked to a spot about two miles from the trail head and climbed a hill of which I can spot anyone at both directions at a distance of fifteen minutes walking time. Around me were thick brush and woods. The leaves were thick enough to block any view over ten feet. As I sat and waited for two maybe three hours, I finally spotted movement at a distance. Taking a better position I peered through my binoculars and watched the trail path from a distance. First I heard feminine voices, and finally two women came into my view.
It was difficult to determine the ages from the distance that I was, but I knew that they will cross my path in at least fifteen minutes and probably more. I played this scenario in my mind hundreds of times, and finally I can put it in effect. I pulled out a handgun and hid it. If one is quite a bit younger then she’ll be the one the gun will be held against, if that was not the case then the shorter one of which my 6’ 4″ height would have better control. I had ropes and tape on the ground a few feet from me. Ten minutes later I heard them climbing the hill. I decided to play it cool as I sat on the ground and rested with a hidden gun.

Two friends gang raped

This was all started one Friday night at the irrigation . Both girls was walking on their way home , nobody was in the said street ,there is only suddenly , these eight teenagers saw these girls as they were walking down the street . These boys stopped them , one held the 19 years old girl , the other one was carried and they were brought into an abandoned nipa hut within the irrigation . Both girls was screaming , the boys were even running into the nipa hut to start up their plan . First they grouped themselves ,the first four boys focused on the 19 years old girl and the remaining four boys for the 18 years old girl . They were like dogs .

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mother and Daughter

Recently while I was on a business trip for a few days I had what was a rather unexpected but delightful experience. I was staying in one of the new suite hotels and was traveling alone planning on spending my time at company meetings and watching tv in my room. I went down to the lobby to get a drink as the hotel offered free cocktails between 5:00 and 7:00 . As I had little to do and knew not a soul I began to wander around the lobby watching the people as they milled around and socialized. The Lobby was quite crowded and it took me a while to find a place to sit but eventually I sat down at a table somewhat removed from the main activity and quietly sat back with my drink pondering my dinner options. After a short while two women came up to my table and asked if they could join me as there were no other tables available.

The first was an woman was about my age 40 and was trim and wore a skirt jacket and blouse and looked like a business professional. She had long black hair and was quite attractive having a slim figure and nice firm breasts. Although she was not very tall 5? 5? I would guess, her figure was in keeping with her height and she wore one of the new shorter skirts showing she wasn’t afraid to show her legs, which were slim and attractive. The second woman was quite a bit younger and than the first and as I quickly found out was the first woman’s daughter. She wore a trim dress and was a bit taller than her mother with silky hair and a fantastic figure, in short she was quite beautiful and I would have jumped at the chance to take her back to my room. After a brief period of conversation I learned that the mother, Kavita and her daughter Smita ran their own travel agency and were in town to attend a meeting at the hotel.

Bus Robbery Rape

Hi my name is Jamila, I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan now residing in USA. This is a true story of my misery. It was the summer of 1995. My brother was getting married in Karachi so we booked the tour bus. After wedding when we were returning from Mumbai to Delhi. We had lots of Jahz and jewelery . We were about 25 people in the bus, majority women. My brother and his wife were in the bus too. They did not have their wedding night yet. We had a Ruksati and they were going to have Wedding night in Hyderabad. on the way to hyderabad, we got stopped by the Robbers.
There were 3 robbers in black Shalwar Kurta, they were driving a van. They just pulled us over and jumped in the bus with guns. We got scared. They ask ” Sara zaver kaha hai” my mom pointed out two big bags. They grabbed it and threw it outside in the jeep. Then they went to individual women and start ripping off the jewelery from their ears, neck and fingers. It was very dark. When they reached to my new bhabi, they passed the remarks ” kiya cheez hai, Suhag raat bana li tu ab tak” my bhabi was very good looking she got mad and slapped the robber. He got furious and grabbed her wrist and “Bohat aag hai teray mai, Hum teri aag bujai gai” and he start dragging her out. My brother tried to stop him but one of the other robber shoot my brother on his arm. My brother fall down. They dragged my bhabi outside the bus. I could not take it, I was 19yrs old and still virgin. I jumped out the bus and rquested them to “meri bhabi ko chor do aur mujhe lai jao” Every body in the bus was scared. The robber said “Chal Hum tujhe bhi lai chaltay hai” and they picked me up and threw me in a jeep and smae thing they do with my bhabi. Then one of the robber turned around and said to the people in the bus. If you call police, you will find theese two girls dead. And they took off with us in the jeep. They set me in the front between two robber , one was driving and one was working on me. They set my bhabi in the back seat with one robber. They took the kacha road, so nobody was in that road and it was dark. I heard my bhabi screaming in the back seat for help. But nobody was around there. The robber told us if we oblige them, they wont hurt us. I got the drift and kept quite. But somehow my bhabi kept screaming and the making the robber pissed off. Then the robber slapped her across her face and she passed out and it was silence for a minute. The driver said “kai mar to nahi gai” the robber in the back said “nahi zinda hai, behosh hogai hai” I was relief that she is not dead. The robber next to me start pressing my breast, and start kissing me on my face. The driver said “yaar mai gaari chala raha hoo aur tum mazay lai rahai ho” the robber in the back said ” chalo gari rok daytay hai aur in larkiyu ko chodtay hai, mera lund eik dum khara ho gaya hai” the driver slow down and got off the kacha road and drove 5 minutes into the dark and stopped in the middle of big field.

Whose Rape??

I am 31 years old and have been married for 4 years now. I am working as an engineer and am of average build. My wife’s name is Vandana and she is 29. She is an extremely beautiful woman. She is 5′ 6″ and has an hourglass figure. She has firm large breasts with long thick nipples and has a mouth watering meaty ass. Our sex life was satisfactory or so I thought. One incident that took place a year back changed it for ever.

Just about a year back after having our dinner we were preparing to go to sleep. As I switched off my bedroom light I heard some noise coming from the living room. As soon as I entered the living room, I was grabbed from behind and pinned to the ground. Someone switched on the lights and I saw 3 well built men standing in front of me, the fourth one was holding me down. One of them ordered me to keep my mouth shut and asked his colleague to make me sit on the sofa. The guy holding me down effortlessly picked me up and roughly threw me on the sofa. The leader asked one of the men to check who else was in the house. My mouth went dry.

The other guy returned soon with Vandana holding one of her hands behind her back and covering her mouth with the other. Vandana was wearing a black sleveless long nightie. I thanked god that she was not wearing her see thru one today. But the silk nightie was outlining her curves quite prominently, her breasts jutting out from the front, her flat stomach and her ass sticking out from the behind.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Raped Sister

Hi.. My name is dilip. My age is 20. I am from chennai. My sister"s name is akila. Her age is 19. She looks homely. Her face resembles that of vijay tv jodi no 1 VJ divyadarshini. If u dont know it search google for that. Her structure also looks the same. Her tits are small but smooth and sexy.

Once my parents were out for purchase. I and my sister were in home. My sister was taking bath. There was a problem with our bathroom latch that day. So she told me before entering. While she was taking bath i suddenly had an urge to go in and look at her.

I opened the bathroom door slowly without sound. She was having a shower bath. She was facing the other side applying soap to her whole body. I could see her back and smooth ass that looked even more sexier with soap on it.

I went near her and hugged her suddenly. She jumped in shock and moved away. I saw her front. Her small boobs and the beautiful smooth hips. Her pussy had lots of hair over it. The hair was wet and it had some soap also. She used her hands to cover her boobs. She had a terrified look in her face. She started shoutin "brother.. why did you come inside? Please go out. I m feeling embarassed".

I just pushed her towards the wall and started kissing her neck. She was giving some resistance. She went on shouting "brother.. you should not do this to me.. I am your sister". I told "so wat?. you are the most sexiest bitch i have ever seen". Telling this i just lifted her in hands and took her to the bedroom. It was like heaven watching my sister nude soaked and wet with soap in my hands. I threw her to the bed.

I undressed myself. I became nude. I jumped over her. I moved her hands away and started sucking her soap soaked boobs. She was moving restless in the bed trying to get away. I took her nipple in between my teeth. I bit it lightly and pulled it like elastic. She screamed in pain "pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasee.. leave me.. its paining". After stretching it a bit i started biting it.

She jumped in bed each time i bit them strongly.Then i went down and stretched her legs apart. Her legs were really smooth with some soap and i even licked them. Then i explored her wet thighs. She closed her eyes. I then moved away her pubic hair and got a view of her fresh pussy lips. I touched them with fingers. Akila was terrified. She started begging me "please brother. leave me with this. I m a virgin". I told "Let me test this" . I pulled out my 6 inch cock. I stretched her legs apart and went near her.

She tried bringing her face up and pushed my chest with her hands.But she couldnt do it. I began pushing my cock into her pussy. I was very tight. I went back. I gave a wicked smile and with all my power I gave a sudden push. My full cock went into her pussy tearing all her tissues and membranes in her pussy.

Akila gasped for breath and gave a loud scream i have never heard before. Her eyes opened wide. She shouted "". Her body gave a big jerk and she came up and hugged my body with her hands. I could see drops of blood coming out from her pussy. I started fucking her hard.

There were tears rolling from her eyes. I fucked her in pussy for a long time. It was heaven seeing her wet body with traces of soap and hearing her scream like that.Then i rolled her to the other side.

Now i could see her ass. I stretched her ass cheeks apart. Akila came to know what i was trying to do and tried to get up. BUt i jumped over her and lay upon her. She was not able to get out from my weight. I lay over her and took my erect cock and put it on the tip of her ass. Akila told "no brother.. dont do it there. Its bad.. please leeeaaaa." Just she was about to tell those words i pushed my cock with the same power i used on her pussy. Her words became screams "....leeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaveeee meeeeeeee..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. its paining".

I could see her cry. But i fucked her brutally till i came in her ass. After that i got up to see my beautiful sister fucked up brutally in both her holes but still her body was wet that made her look sexy. I took a cam shot of it. I cleaned the stains on the bed and ask her to wash herself.

I black mailed her saying i ll tell every one that it was she who compelled me for sex. She went to the bathroom crying and took bath.

Then i dint get a good chance to fuck akila. I was never alone with her. I used to talk to my friends and even showed that picture about the way i raped akila.It was our college semester holidays. I had an idea. I told my mom that I and akila would leave to grandma"s house in madurai. Wen i told this akila had a terrified look in her face. She came to refuse. But my mom convinced her to go there.

We went by bus. We reached trichy and we had to catch another bus from there. But it was midnight when we reached trichy(It was a part of my plan). I told akila "we will stay here tonight and leave tomorrow". Akila was suspicious but she dint say anything to me. I took her to a mansion. It was actually a gents only mansion. Three of my friends were living there. Akila dint come in.

I compelled her and told we can stay only for the night and run away tomorrow morning. I took her into my friend"s room. They were all awake as they knew i would come. I went in with akila. i could see her feet trembling in fear. As soon we entered one guy went behind and locked the door. He threw the keys outside the window. Akila knew this was about to happen. She tried to run. I got hold of her.

Akila was wearing an orange chudidar that day. My friends were prakash, prem and lingam.Prakash told "shall we play a game?" . I asked wat game. He told "I ll throw this ball on your sister"s boobs.If it correctly hit her boobs she has to undress one by one". I told thats an excellent idea. Akila begged with tears in her eyes "please.. dont do this to me.. I m very much humiliated to hear all this stuff." But i told "you are my favourite whore. You should oblige me. I ll make you the biggest whore of this city"

Telling this i got hold of her standing from her behind. Prem threw the ball on her boobs.It was very easy as he was standing close to her. i pulled away her shawl. It was easy. The next time he hit it. I had to remove the tops. But she was giving stiff resistance. We all pounced on her. At last we ended up tearing her tops. The i made her stand and got hold of her once again. We could see her small boobs hanging in her small white bra.

He threw the ball perfectly once again which hit her boobs and her boobs were vibrating. Then i just removed the clip of the bra and lingam just pulled it from front. Now she was semi-nude with her cute small boobs hanging in front of everyone. she closed her eyes out of humiliation. I was holding her hands tightly. Now again prem threw the ball on her nude boobs.

This time we had to remove her pants. SHe tried to run away pushing me. I fell down and got hold of her ankles. She fell down. I came up till her hips and positioned my hands to remove her pants when she tried to run off. As i was holding her pants my fingers even held her panties. When she tried to run off both the pant and panties came in my hands.

Akila was completely nude. she sat in the corner of the room covering her boobs with her hands. Then we pulled her to the center of the room. We drew a line. I and prem came to one side. Prakash and lingam were in the other side. We took akila in arms. I held her legs an prem held her body. We teased her by pinching her nipples and pussy. Then we threw her high in the air to the other side. Lingam and prakash caught her. She somehow managed to land her legs on the floor.

But lingam got hold of her legs and lifted her again. They teased her for their part and threw her this side again. Akila cried in humiliation "pleeeease.. leaave me". It was totally erotic for me watching my sister becoming the biggest slut.

Now i told " Ok guys..start fucking her. i ll record it with this cam". Akila was totally terrified. Now the guys took her and made her lie on a table. Lingam went over the table and took his 7 inch cock and inserted it in her mouth. Prem started biting her nipples like a mad man.

Akila was not able to shout as she  had lingam"s cock in her mouth. Anyway her legs were jumping like anything in the air. so we knew she was suffering from lot of pain.Now Prakash took his 8 inch cock and started fucking her pussy. Akila"s body gave a jerk with every push he gave. At last prakash came in her pussy. Now she was lifted from the table to the floor. She was standing now. She started begging"please i cant take anymore.leave me".

But before she could tell any more word prem lifted her holding the bottom of her two thighs in standing position and inserted his cock in her ass. While he was doing this lingam fucked her ass from behind. Akila screamed at this "aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh.. pleeeeaaase.. leave me..". I was recording everything with a camera. At last both of them came at the same time..

All the three guys were tired. Akila almost fainted and fell down on the floor. Her body covered with cum and spit.Now we heard sounds from outside the room. About seven guys came back from a night show movie to the hostel. They took the key from outside and opened the door and they were shocked to see the situation there.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rape at Bus

I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the last bus as I had been working late.

The next thing I knew was I was being grabbed from behind and dragged into a nearby lane way. Whoever it was had put a bag over my head and held his gloved hand to my mouth so I could not bite or scream. I was in an area where it is extremely remote anybody would be passing by at that hour of the night.

I could smell a mans after shave. He pushed and held me against a wall face first and before I realized he had tied something around the bag and was using the bag to gag me. He then pulled my hands behind me and wrapped a cable tie around like a handcuff. Then he turned me around and put a rope around my neck and tied me to something on the wall. So I was now tied to a wall standing up with my hands tied behind my back. This had all happened in a few seconds as the lane was almost next to the bus stop.

The he spoke and said if you struggle you will choke yourself. It was a foreign voice. Then he got my legs and tied them to something else on the wall. He had to spread my legs about a metre apart to do this. I could not move or scream.

Then he said you will like what I am going to do to you. I tried to struggle but the rope or whatever hurt my throat and I nearly choked with the gag etc.

It was a reasonably warm night and I only had a dress on. My shoulder bag was still over my shoulder and held to me by my tied hands.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heaven Sex

About me i have joined corporate 6 months back aged 22 with ok ok body and 8 sized dick... There i met my girl aged same with great figure and
Good flesh at right place with sweet smile and childish nature...

We have joined together and completed our training and slowly got to know each other.. We were in relation and i used to drop her daily to her home. One day she was upset with her family issues and hugged me and started crying for which i supported her made her calm..
I never had any intention for her but since that day i felt something happening between us.. She used to hug me and kiss me on my cheeks...

I already had signal to proceed further and so i planned to have her.... We live away from home and so i had good opportunity for my luck...

Last month all her room mates were going out for 3 days and she had to stay back for work. She called me up to be with her as she is scared to be alone in nights in a big apartment.

I reached at her place got settled and was waiting for a chance.... Then it started as we were all alone she came to me hugged me for long time and then started kissing me allover. Here i had my chance i took a step forward and planted a kiss on her lips.. She never expected that.. Tried to move back but i hold her in my arms and kissed her for 20 mins..

We already were in a relationship since 4 months but never gave sex a try she knew about my fantasy... But never accepted it but today it was my turn...

She then stopped resisting and started responding to it and our tongues met and we were literally eating away each others lips and saliva....

Then i moved my hands towards her boobs which were in shape and i had a glimpse before but never had seen them naked... But today it was the chance.. I started fondling them above her kurti and she was so tempted that she started biting my ears which made me more tempted...

Then slowly i took her to her room and closed the door..All this while we were still kissing each other...

Then i removed her Kurtis and her boobs sprang out.. She was wearing black bra from which some part of was visible...I then kissed her neck her ears .. Navel... And the mean time moved my hand to the love hole .... She was already wet...Without wasting time i just removed her lower and she was only in her undies....

As i was cherishing her beauty she threw me on the bed and unzipped my pant and my prank came out... She was shocked but mad too ...She took it in her mouth and started giving strokes slowly... I was in heaven ... All these i was just thinking and masturbating but today it was happening in real...

She was doing it so good that felt like she was an expert .... It was the first time for both of us....I unloaded my cum in her mouth in 15 mins and she drank it all...Them i took her in arms and unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs... They were so fair white colored and brown nipples was like cream on it...I was eating them madly and was pressing the other boob roughly....

Gang Rape of Virgin

This is the story of my friend, Sana. She could not get courage to to write that incident. So i am doing so on her behalf. Now read the story in her words. I am 20 years old, graduate, 5'7" tall, 34-22-36 figure, very light weight, very fair, medium length black hair and blue eyes. This event occurred when i was on a tour to usa few months back along with my few friends. At that time i was virgin. It was Monday when we reached usa. We spend the whole day taking rest after a long journey. We spent few days visiting tourist spots. It was Saturday when we decided to go to a night club. I was dressed in a red sleeveless top and black mini skirt. The atmosphere of the club was very nice. Their were both whites and blacks. I heard that a lot of sex used to took place near the club. We were enjoying the environment for sometime when 2 blacks came towards me. They were very tall and large. They gave me a drink saying that it doesn't contain alcohol. I drank it but i started feeling uneasy. They asked me to come out so that they can help me. When i went out with them there were 2 more blacks like them. They forcibly took me in a van and drove away. I wasn't able to run away as they got hold of me tight. I dint knew where they took me as they blindfolded me. After sometime they removed the cloth blindfolding me and i found myself lying on a bed in a large room. The lights were dimmed. Now there were 10 blacks in that room. They all were large and looked wild. I became nervous seeing them. One of them asked me to have sex with them but i disagreed with him. The other one warned me that if i didn't do sex with them then they would forcibly rape me and then killed me. He even took out a pistol. Because of fear i said OK. He said to other men lets start. They all came near me and started to kissing my whole body. I felt it difficult doing this with 10 men. They removed my top and bra and tow of them started sucking my boobs. Of the remaining one was kissing my lips, one kissing near my neck region, two kissing over navel, two kissing over my back. A current was passing through my body. I was moaning. I became hot.